Post photos outside Facebook is now a crime

Post photos outside Facebook is now a crime

The Supreme Court of Spain has issued a judgment against individuals or media that expose the profile pictures of other people without their consent. This also includes for those photos that have been uploaded publicly. According to the Supreme Court mentions that publishing a photograph of Facebook is a crime of intrusion into the law … [Read more]

Now Facebook reactions in comments

reactions Facebook

Facebook is going through many changes to its platform because it will now implement reactions in the comments. Why does Facebook implement this option? As it seems that Facebook wants the comments to have the same degree of importance to the states. Now in the comments on Facebook and you will not use the likes … [Read more]

Find out if your Gmail account was hacked

gmail hacked

A few days ago a news item was published which reported that Russian hackers managed to steal data from more than five million Gmail accounts, exposing the users and passwords of affected clients. Following this terrible information theft, a group of Russian researchers has created a simple web page to quickly check if your email … [Read more]

Instagram Live Streaming for Everyone

Live Streaming Instagram

Finally, the live broadcasts of Instagram are here, as it seems that this social network does not want to be left behind and wants to live up to the big ones like Facebook with its Facebook Live function. Both services are very similar only in this case the transmission cannot be saved and the direct … [Read more]

Reply and Forward Outlook emails

Forward Outlook

The most essential or essential thing that every user must know in order to use an email account is to learn how to respond and forward emails from Outlook in the right way. That is why we will explain below the mechanisms that you must use to be able to perform these functions of Reply … [Read more]

Import contacts into email

import contacts outlook

When we have several email accounts and we need to have both the same contacts. But we want to avoid transcribing and adding all these contacts again; The best we can do is import the contacts to the desired email. Import contacts into email, a very important feature when we want to have the same … [Read more]

Now we can undo Gmail from iOS

undo sending gmail

Everyone has sometimes happened to us that we send an email to the wrong person or we just regret to send that email and we do not know what to do to cancel it. Here we will talk about a new app that will tell us what to do in these circumstances since Now we … [Read more]

How to access my social networks in Outlook

How to access my social networks in Outlook

Social networks are part of our daily lives, as well as being very useful, since very few know how to access my social networks in Outlook and therefore it becomes a necessity for anyone, because it allows us to be in contact with all Our friends, relatives, acquaintances, above all is a perfect tool to … [Read more]