Post photos outside Facebook is now a crime

Post photos outside Facebook is now a crime

The Supreme Court of Spain has issued a judgment against individuals or media that expose the profile pictures of other people without their consent. This also includes for those photos that have been uploaded publicly. According to the Supreme Court mentions that publishing a photograph of Facebook is a crime of intrusion into the law … [Read more]

Now Facebook reactions in comments

reactions Facebook

Facebook is going through many changes to its platform because it will now implement reactions in the comments. Why does Facebook implement this option? As it seems that Facebook wants the comments to have the same degree of importance to the states. Now in the comments on Facebook and you will not use the likes … [Read more]

Sign in to Facebook

login facebook

Would you like to meet thousands of people around the world? Would you like to share photos and videos with anyone you want? Well, you’ve certainly heard a lot of people say that we’re in the age of technology. It is true. Now doing everything we said is possible and many more things are possible. … [Read more]

Recover Facebook account What to do?

Recover Facebook account

There are thousands of reasons we can not access our Facebook account, but one of the main problems is that we do not remember our password or the email that you used when you registered. What happens if you do not remember any of these data? You must be aware of what we will do … [Read more]

How to disable Facebook chat Messenger

disable chat Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a fast messaging service for mobile devices used before this service we only could the APKde Facebook, but after the emergence of WhatsApp, Twitter and Line. Facebook decided to launch this service to its users to communicate in a way different from the others. The communication process of Facebook Messenger is made … [Read more]

Positive and negative to create a Facebook account

Positive and negative to Facebook

Routine for some, create a Facebook account passes as normal for any child today, but there are certain counterparties is valuable to know, especially when creating the account from mobile, you always have to know the two ends of any topic. Positive: – You do not have to wait to get home and connect from … [Read more]

Open a Facebook account in English

open facebook

Can somebody help me? Do not know how to open my Facebook in English? Do I get very complicated to open my account Facebook in English? If you are looking as sign up for Facebook here teach you how to do it in the fastest, simplest and easiest way to do. Just you follow step … [Read more]

Facebook login with my username

Surely you do not know that this was possible, now do not need to put your email to join Facebook. If you want to login Facebook with my username, you just have to make some small modifications to the configuration panel Facebook follows. To start it is clear log into Facebook, then you enter the … [Read more]

Change Password Facebook

facebook password

Facebook is the most used social network worldwide, so we are more likely to be victims of theft of our Facebook account. For the safety of your Facebook account is recommended to change the password every certain time. Let us prevent others from accessing our Facebook account by following these steps. Change Password Facebook as … [Read more]