How to log on to Facebook

This article Facebook’ll show you how to log on to Facebook in the right way, you should be aware of the steps that will take place at this moment. The first thing you have to do is enter this direction, then once the page has loaded must enter your email and password at the … [Read more]

How to use Facebook live

Facebook Live is the new feature of Facebook that is having good acceptance by people, because you can make a live broadcast to your friends or followers. This feature is new so this time teach you what steps must take into account to use Facebook live. How to use Facebook live, you must be attentive to … [Read more]

Create video of the Friends Day Facebook

The world’s largest social network Facebook is serving 12 years of existence that the founder Mark Zuckerberg want to celebrate this event to surprise its users. Facebook in the month of friendship allows you to create a video of the Friends Day. This small video all the things you consider important shows. Create video of … [Read more]