Find out if your Gmail account was hacked

gmail hacked

A few days ago a news item was published which reported that Russian hackers managed to steal data from more than five million Gmail accounts, exposing the users and passwords of affected clients. Following this terrible information theft, a group of Russian researchers has created a simple web page to quickly check if your email … [Read more]

Now we can undo Gmail from iOS

undo sending gmail

Everyone has sometimes happened to us that we send an email to the wrong person or we just regret to send that email and we do not know what to do to cancel it. Here we will talk about a new app that will tell us what to do in these circumstances since Now we … [Read more]

Google Hangouts features support for GIFs

Google Hangouts features support for GIFs

At the beginning of this application, the main thing about Google Hangouts was that it allowed integration with SMS and MMS so that we can have all the messages on the same platform but well differentiated from each other so as not to confuse us. The application will make it clear that conversations are from … [Read more]

How to delete Gmail account

delete Gmail account now

Many users after a time of having a Gmail account, no longer want to use it more because they opened a Gmail Account or simply do not want to use the tool anymore. But we do not know what How to delete Gmail account, then we will tell you what to do: How to delete … [Read more]

How to use a custom domain account in Gmail

gmail user

Everyone in the world likes to be original, so even our social networks want to have that personal touch, which sets us apart from others. But there are certain details that when we are new to a social network we do not know at all how to handle them and less than how to customize … [Read more]

How do I sign out of Gmail

gmail close account

When we create a new account, it can be Gmail or any other web portal. We have little experience in the tools that we offer, as in the modifications or customizations that we can perform and the most common we do not know how to close the session. In the following article, we will see … [Read more]

How to use Gmail

How to use Gmail

Gmail is a free operating system provided by the company Google, this tool is very valuable because it allows us to send any kind of information (images, photos, videos or documents) through emails, to any part of the world. Something very important to access Gmail and know How to use Gmail we need to have … [Read more]

7 tricks to improve the management of your Gmail mail

tricks to improve the management of your Gmail mail

If you are one of the billions of people who use Gmail every day to send work or information and receive it to be at the forefront with everything related to improving Gmail and with these 7 tricks to improve the management of your mail Gmail of great importance to you can be better. Organize … [Read more]

How to organize Gmail inbox with filters

organize Gmail inbox

With the filters of Gmail, we will be able to have greater organization in our received emails, which allow us to assign a label to your messages, to archive them, to eliminate them, to emphasize them or to send them of automatic form. They are that we have to occupy a lot of time in … [Read more]

Customize your Gmail inbox

Gmail inbox Customize

As we know Gmail is the email service that has a very different interface to others. Currently, it has a minimalist and light interface where you can visualize your incoming messages with greater clarity. Will there be a way to customize your Gmail inbox? If you want to do this you must follow these steps. … [Read more]