Reply and Forward Outlook emails

Forward Outlook

The most essential or essential thing that every user must know in order to use an email account is to learn how to respond and forward emails from Outlook in the right way. That is why we will explain below the mechanisms that you must use to be able to perform these functions of Reply … [Read more]

Import contacts into email

import contacts outlook

When we have several email accounts and we need to have both the same contacts. But we want to avoid transcribing and adding all these contacts again; The best we can do is import the contacts to the desired email. Import contacts into email, a very important feature when we want to have the same … [Read more]

How to access my social networks in Outlook

How to access my social networks in Outlook

Social networks are part of our daily lives, as well as being very useful, since very few know how to access my social networks in Outlook and therefore it becomes a necessity for anyone, because it allows us to be in contact with all Our friends, relatives, acquaintances, above all is a perfect tool to … [Read more]

How to organize our Outlook Inbox

organize our Outlook Inbox

Some users are very organized people with a very limited time, so for them, it is a necessity to have the trays of your emails as organized as possible. But they do not know how to put that order, so Outlook helps us save that valuable time. By allowing us to take actions in several … [Read more]

Change Outlook main photo

Change Outlook main photo

Outlook is an email medium that allows us to be communicated with other people, also allows us to put an image (photo), a name to our profile or if we use our Outlook account for work purposes, we can have a logo That identifies us as a company. Here’s how to change Outlook main photo: … [Read more]

The best tricks for Outlook

amazing tricks for Outlook

To all of us like to the vanguard with all the technology that surrounds to us, above all we like to learn those tricks that the rest of the people do not know. Being aware of some tricks allows us to minimize our time at work, it helps us improve our abilities to handle some … [Read more]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outlook

Advantages and Disadvantages Outlook

At the moment of starting a business or company, something of the highest priority and importance is to define the e-mail communication system that you want to use, both to keep employees informed and to have good communication with customers and suppliers. The most commonly used email systems by businesses are Gmail and Outlook. The latter … [Read more]

How to Change Outlook Appearance

Change Outlook Appearance now

Outlook is a service that allows you to send messages, documents and all kinds of files in a simple and practical way. At the moment in the society in which we live it is vital that all the people have an electronic mail in which they can receive any type of information. If you do … [Read more]

Outlook change status now

Outlook change status

Outlook is the first email service that most people have used at some point in our lives. For in the beginning Hotmail began calling time but decided to modernize and was then assigned the name of Outlook. This service is often used for our jobs either to send or receive all types of documents to … [Read more]

Archiving messages in Outlook Mail

Archiving messages in Outlook

Is the first time you hear of this option? Do you know what it is? Many users are unaware of this option “Archive” much less the role is our Outlook account Mail. Today we’ll show that it serves this option so you have your tidier safer messages and inbox. What is the function of “file” … [Read more]