Advantages and Disadvantages of Outlook

Advantages and Disadvantages Outlook

At the moment of starting a business or company, something of the highest priority and importance is to define the e-mail communication system that you want to use, both to keep employees informed and to have good communication with customers and suppliers. The most commonly used email systems by businesses are Gmail and Outlook. The latter … [Read more]

7 tricks to improve the management of your Gmail mail

tricks to improve the management of your Gmail mail

If you are one of the billions of people who use Gmail every day to send work or information and receive it to be at the forefront with everything related to improving Gmail and with these 7 tricks to improve the management of your mail Gmail of great importance to you can be better. Organize … [Read more]

How to organize Gmail inbox with filters

organize Gmail inbox

With the filters of Gmail, we will be able to have greater organization in our received emails, which allow us to assign a label to your messages, to archive them, to eliminate them, to emphasize them or to send them of automatic form. They are that we have to occupy a lot of time in … [Read more]

Sign in to Facebook

login facebook

Would you like to meet thousands of people around the world? Would you like to share photos and videos with anyone you want? Well, you’ve certainly heard a lot of people say that we’re in the age of technology. It is true. Now doing everything we said is possible and many more things are possible. … [Read more]