7 tricks to improve the management of your Gmail mail

If you are one of the billions of people who use Gmail every day to send work or information and receive it to be at the forefront with everything related to improving Gmail and with these 7 tricks to improve the management of your mail Gmail of great importance to you can be better. Organize your incoming Gmail messages better by creating personalized tabs, in this article we will show you the best tricks to take advantage of our Gmail account. Protect your Gmail messages the solution is in your hands only apply all the steps mentioned below.

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7 tricks to improve the management of your Gmail mail:

  1. Create labels; These tags will help us identify which are faster (personal, work or social).
  2. Add tags to emails; After creating the labels we can add them to our emails that are in the inbox, these will differ according to the color that we place to each label classification.
  3. Create filters for our emails in Gmail; Creating filters for our emails will allow us to have an automatic classification of the messages received can be according to the recipient or name that owns the document.
  4. Diverts the few interesting emails; Usually, we receive many emails a few more interesting than others so we recommend you to create a filter with the email address of the person or company that sends you those little interesting emails. Those that classify them and you can eliminate them without having to read or search them all.
  5. Create an alias for your email account; Creating smoothies in your accounts Gmail will help you have different electronic accounts without any problem and without having to use your personal name.
  6. Installs extensions to manage mail in chrome; In order to use this application we must go to the mxHero for chrome page and go to the extension in the search box, give the option of more free and we will be able to a new extension for our Gmail.
  7. Improve the sending of your emails in Gmail; With the extension that is created with chrome, allows us to expand the functions of our mail, since this we know if the mail reaches the selected recipient, we can also know if the message has been read or not.

These are some of the improvements we can make to our Gmail account to be more organized and perform better in our account. 7 tricks to improve the management of your Gmail mail, apply them and keep them in mind from now on.

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