Advantages and Disadvantages of Outlook

At the moment of starting a business or company, something of the highest priority and importance is to define the e-mail communication system that you want to use, both to keep employees informed and to have good communication with customers and suppliers. Advantages and Disadvantages of Outlook, we will know the good and the bad of this Microsoft service and if it is worth using it nowadays.

“Outlook is and always will be the first email service”

good and bad of outlook

The most commonly used email systems by businesses are Gmail and Outlook. The latter being a solution that has revolutionized the market, thanks to the incorporation of interesting functionalities. Outlook over the years this service has been modernized to the point of allowing you access to your social networks.

However, Outlook has wanted to leave behind the outdated and obsolete image that many users had previously. The new proposal is to provide your audience with a version with some features of Hotmail, but integrating more tools and a new design that allows us to see more updated. But as every application has advantages and disadvantages of Outlook 2019.

Outlook Mail Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outlook


  • To be able to register an electronic account in a simple way.
  • It has an easy and fast way to send messages.
  • You have Skype in your email tray, it is an instant messaging system and communication for video conferences very easy to use.
  • Provides virtually unlimited document and file storage space.
  • Customize the color and appearance of the user.
  • Can be used from any electronic device.
  • It allows us to edit documents in multiple formats.
  • Integrates a calendar tool, allowing you to create a meeting agenda.


  • It is slower than other electronic communication systems.
  • Password recovery processes are somewhat complex.
  • Sometimes when loading files or documents, the system may fail.
  • It does not classify emails to care about them, so you should create that option.
  • On certain occasions, spam emails are not filtered and interrupt (appear) in our inbox.

We noticed that there are more advantages than disadvantages in Outlook, go ahead and use this service from Microsoft. Do not forget that with a single account you can access all your services without any restrictions. These are the advantages and disadvantages of Outlook that we must take into account at the moment of analyzing which means of communication and sent emails, we want to use to communicate with the rest of the people.

Learn more about this email service in Open Free Account we have a section about Outlook. Explore and discover new ways to use this service for your benefit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outlook
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