Archiving messages in Outlook Mail

Is the first time you hear of this option? Do you know what it is? Many users are unaware of this option “Archive” much less the role is our Outlook account Mail. Today we’ll show that it serves this option so you have your tidier safer messages and inbox.

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What is the function of “file” in my Outlook Mail?

The option “file” is used to remove one or more messages from our tray, do not confuse the term remove or delete. When you archive an Outlook message that message will be saved automatically so that you can review later. It is recommended to use this option in your old messages in our inbox.

How do I file messages in my Outlook account Mail?

To begin this process first thing you have to do is log on to your Outlook account, then you select one or more messages from your inbox that you archived. When you have selected you just select the option at the top that says “File”. Thus all those messages will be sorted in a folder on the left titled “Archive”, here you can review it later and decide if you want to delete or move to your inbox.

Very few know this feature of Outlook Mail, here we teach you how to use it properly, clean your inbox. Archiving messages in Outlook Mail.

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