It is now possible to ask open questions on Instagram Stories

Instagram is the social network that keeps evolving every day because as we already know it has just launched its long-term vertical video platform IGTV as well as having the possibility of adding music to the Stories. It is now possible to ask questions on Instagram Stories Are you serious? Now, this option is available and you can do it as many times as you want.

Instagram Stories ask open questions

Everything that Instagram adds to the platform is liked by its users, as a result of this, more than one billion users are nowadays, and today it adds an option of popular surveys so that users can use it. These open surveys added by Instagram allow users and followers to have a better interaction.

The Stories tab begins to fill with many options, but Instagram does not stop updating so that its users can entertain and stay longer on the platform. The surveys are manifested in the following way, users can place a query mailbox where the followers can answer or not in a private way.

Where I find the option of open questions on Instagram

It is now possible to ask questions on Instagram Stories, this option is located in the Sticker section, use it so that your followers can know more about you and have a pleasant time and promote productive or creative processes. This option can be used favorably for users, brands or artists.

The methods of Instagram surveys that we already know are the following binary survey where you put a question and the followers only had two options, this was shown in percentages. Also, the survey scale where the user answers a question but depending on the limit of a bar from lowest to highest, these answers are private and would depend on the user if you want to make it public.

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