Block the Stories of an instagram user while continuing to follow

Instagram is currently having a lot of popularity in people as companies thanks to its famous Stories because this tool has served many Instagramer to share their daily life with their followers. It is also space where they have implemented it to mention a product or service. Stories currently cannot be turned off compared to other social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp. But there is a method of being able to control and avoid the Stories of some user that you do not like and do not enjoy its content. Here we will show you how to block the Stories of an Instagram user while continuing to follow.

Block the Stories of an instagram

Steps to block someone’s Stories on Instagram

To silence the Stories indefinitely, you just have to open your Instagram account and place yourself at the top of the story carousel. Locate the user and here you must hold down with your finger until you see these options: “View Profile” and “Mute …” You select the second and it will automatically be moved to the end of all other Stories.

When you have blocked the Stories of this user in the carousel it will be shown with a white tone and will be at the end of all others. If you follow many people on Instagram is likely to be forgotten in the long run. Block the Stories of an Instagram user while continuing to follow, you will not eliminate the friendship with the user simply leave aside your Stories and give more importance to others.

Instagram does not report on silencing the Stories

As we know Instagram moves a lot of people through the Stories and that is why it does not inform how to silence the stories. The Stories generate a great economic income to the social network so it is not convenient for users to silence the stories in a massive way. Find out more about the Instagram news just by visiting this link.

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