Change account password Outlook

Do you have a suspicion that someone wants to access your Outlook mail? You want to protect your Outlook mail but do not know how? Here we’ll show you protect your account in the best way, and one of them is changing the password every so often or simply reinforce the password harder to crack variables.

Change account password Outlook

Change account password Outlook first thing we have to do is log on to Outlook, after that, you click on your profile picture is on the far right and select where it says “View Account”. a page of’ll need to select “Change password” that is on the left side under your Outlook address is loaded.

The outlook for security will ask you to sign again, this time for security Outlook will ask you sensitive information either by email or mobile phone. Once you proceed, miss, this step three blank boxes where you must put your current password then the new password that you must confirm by retyping will appear. When it is finished you click on “Save”.

You can enable the option to change your password every 72 days is optional depending on each user. Before concluding that fits rescue your Outlook email you can access the service OneDrive, Office Online and Xbox. All belong to the Microsoft company.

Change Outlook account password, so that this most protected and do not allow anyone to access your personal information.

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