Change the color of the Facebook account

Facebook currently has very characteristic colors that are white and blue but unfortunately, with the passage of time, this gets very boring. Is there any way to customize our Facebook account? Currently, there is a way to change the color of the Facebook account and it is an easy process to apply. What you need is to have installed the Google Chrome browser and add an extension.

How do I change the color to Facebook

To start you must first open your internet browser Google Chrome, then you must go to the Chrome web store, you can do it manually by clicking on the “three consecutive points” click on “more tools” and then on “extensions”. Now you just have to write the following in the search engine “color changer for Facebook”.

To the first option, you must click on “+ add to Chrome”, a window will appear where you will have to click on “add the extension” in this way it will be installed and it will be added in the upper right part with a letter “c”. Well, we have already finished the installation process, now follow the simplest to change the color of the Facebook account.

Change the Facebook color in seconds

To start you must be located on your Facebook profile, then click on the extension that is at the top. 10 color combinations will be displayed by default, you can choose one that you like and use it, there is also the possibility to edit it just click on “edit”.

If none of the color combinations you do not like you can also create a style of colors from scratch you just click on “Create New Theme”, now you must select the colors you want and combine them to your style, when you are ready you must click on ” save. “ Change the color of the Facebook account turned out to be very simple to share it with your friends and diferénciate on the other users of this social network.

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