How to change Gmail password

Many times in our store or receive email important documents, is why our content security password change our Gmail account, we only make small changes in our Gmail settings panel. You must first log into Gmail (entering your email and password).

To change Gmail password you must follow these steps:

To start this action must log in to Gmail correctly entering this website

Now you must click on the configuration option that is on the top right of the icon as “gear”, then you must select “Settings”.

gmail settings

It continued with the process by selecting the “Accounts an Import” option, here a number of options from which you select “Change Password” will be displayed.

gmail change password

In some cases Gmail will ask you to sign in again for safety, well now you just have to enter your new Gmail password in the first box blank. Confirm your password in the next space that says “Confirm new password”. (It is recommended to use a multi-digit password with capital letters, numbers and symbols for safety).

new password gmail

Protect your private information by changing the password for Gmail occasionally. Do not let other people have access to your information.

How to change Gmail password, perform this action with a few simple steps. In this post we’ll show you the fastest and practical way to do it.

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