How to close Outlook account

It has not happened to you that you create an email and you do not remember the password for that reason you re-register for Outlook multiple times. Without realizing it you already have several emails in your name and can generate confusion in you. To avoid this problem show you how to close Outlook account.

How close Outlook account

Steps to close Outlook account

Before you start you should know that we must first disable Outlook account so that later last 60 days are automatically deleted. We recommend you save all the information you have in the cloud OneDrive or Xbox, before closing Outlook account.

  • First you must enter this link Close account.
  • You must log on to Outlook and security must enter a code access will be sent to your mobile phone.
  • Now you should check that the page will show the account you want to delete, you select the right and select “Next”.
  • Active all the boxes displayed to confirm that you agree with the process of closing Outlook account.
  • Select the reason you want to close your account Outlook
  • Finalizes clicking on the option that says “Mark has” now only have to wait 60 days to definitively eliminated.

How to close Outlook account, at first your account is disabled then when it meets within 60 days completely eliminated.

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