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Gmail is one of the Google services that specializes in email messages. The novelty of service is a very intuitive interface for people who are just starting to use the service. Create a Gmail account right now is something easy to do not take much time, it is worth mentioning that this has 15 GB of storage either to receive or send heavy files.

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How do I register with Gmail for the first time?

Gmail is totally customizable, you can adapt it to your comforts as well as add a tapestry with the default designs of Gmail or put image as background. Also inside Gmail you have the option to chat, you just have to check in the lower left and see who is connected. Now let’s start creating Gmail account by following these steps.

To start you must first enter this address when the page has been loaded you must click on “Create an account” which is located in the upper right. Now you must put your personal data in empty boxes where appropriate, remember to add your real data.

Here you start with your first and last name, username (@, password, create password, date of birth, sex, mobile phone, current email and location and click on “Next step”. You only have to activate your account through your phone and you are welcome to Gmail.

Gmail just created an account

The good thing about this service is that when you sign up for Gmail this makes a small tour of your main options and you can understand the handling of this email. Remember that with a Google account you can access all services such as YouTube, Google plus, Gmail, Hangouts, Google drive and more. Create a Gmail account right now an easier to understand email with many advantages than others.

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