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Gmail in its early present various problems because it was a new service that sought to compete with other email services that existed at the time. Gmail over time matured and I think a different email to others. Gmail is original in question design, interface and functionality because there were things you could do in Gmail that other services can not.

Create account Gmail now

How to Create Gmail account

With a Gmail account, you can send instant messages via the chat you just have to click on the contact and start to write a message. You can also send large files up to 15 GB through Google Drive. You can also interact with your friends by Hangouts where you can chat or make video calls with up to 10 people at once. To Create Gmail account in seconds you must enter the main page and select “Create Account”.

In the form of Gmail you must enter this data, starting with your name, username, create a password (for safety must contain uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols), confirm the password, date of birth, sex, mobile phone, email current, select your country and click “next step”. I now ask you to verify your Gmail account by entering the code that got you to your mobile phone and ready.

Create Gmail account now. What waits, starts experiencing a new way to send emails and chat at the same time with the help of this post.

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