Create video of the Friends Day Facebook

The world’s largest social network Facebook is serving 12 years of existence that the founder Mark Zuckerberg want to celebrate this event to surprise its users. Facebook in the month of friendship allows you to create a video of the Friends Day. This small video all the things you consider important shows.

Create video of the Friends Day Facebook, the first thing you have to do is log into your Facebook account and enter homepage to display the option to create the video. If not this option is you just press this link. Automatically create your video showing you pictures of your best friends, photos tagged and a picture of your birthday.

In the top two options “Edit” and “Share” You must select the option you want appears. If you think you need some modification select “Edit” and begins to replace the photo you do not want to appear. When you have your video ready Friendship Day just have to share it publicly on Facebook and go.

Create video of the Friends Day Facebook

Create video of the Friends Day Facebook publicly shared photos of your best friends and celebrates with Facebook this very special day.

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