Customize your Gmail inbox

As we know Gmail is the email service that has a very different interface to others. Currently, it has a minimalist and light interface where you can visualize your incoming messages with greater clarity. Will there be a way to customize your Gmail inbox? If you want to do this you must follow these steps.

Customize Gmail inbox

Put design in my Gmail inbox

To start customizing your inbox, you need to log in from the homepage When you are located in the inbox you must click on the icon in the form of “gear” in the upper right and click on “Themes”, now only choose your favorite style and click “Save”.

Put pictures or photos in my Gmail inbox

If previous designs that have Gmail by default do not convince you can also customize your Gmail inbox with images or photos you have. To have a better finish it is important that the image has good quality. Do the same process but select in “My photos”, “Upload a photo” now only locate the photos and upload and ready.

Customize your Gmail inbox, as you can see is a very simple process that anyone can do. Give style to your Gmail inbox with the help of this post, now checking your incoming messages will not be so boring anymore.

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