Facebook login with my username

Surely you do not know that this was possible, now do not need to put your email to join Facebook. If you want to login Facebook with my username, you just have to make some small modifications to the configuration panel Facebook follows.

login facebook apk

To start it is clear log into Facebook, then you enter the configuration panel. Click here to be redirected https://www.facebook.com/settings.

Now you must put yourself in the Username option and select “Edit”. space, where you can create your username (Check it is available), is enabled. When you get ready only stay in click “Save Changes”.

Facebook login with my username

In some cases a window where you will be prompted to enter your password for security reasons appears. Well now put this to the test and log back into Facebook but with your username. I hope this content will have been a great help and can implement.

Do you think it is not possible? You’re wrong now you can Facebook login with my username, only making minor modifications.

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