Facebook seeks to Highlights the Stories

It is not news that Facebook over time has been taking Instagram functions, a clear example of this are the Stories. But Facebook seeks to deepen this function with Stories Highlights because this will allow us to highlight Stories that we do not want to lose and in this way that fans can see it.

facebook Highlights

It is true that Instagram and Facebook are linked in a certain way, learn how to share your Instagram Stories on Facebook. This new feature has the mission of attracting a younger audience and in general, that has migrated to Instagram, Facebook tries to refresh the way its users use This feature now with Stories Highlights.

This function called Highlights was discovered by Jane Wong and was confirmed by Facebook later. At the moment this option will be enabled for a certain sector of users, hopefully, with the passage of time, this option can be used by all.

Stories Highlights FB

Facebook seeks to highlight the Stories this function is being thought for companies and companies since Instagram only allows the Stories to only see 24 hours, and this would allow more time than conventional. But do not worry because this option brings news to users, now we can highlight and save the favorite Stories.

The implementation of the section in the highlights and in the history allows us to have a longer publication and may be attractive to the user. If we talk in Facebook campaigns this would also be a great tool to reach more people and have more impact.

It is worth mentioning that there is still no date for Highlights to leave for Facebook but we will have news of this new feature very soon. Here we leave you some captures that leaked and you have an idea of how this new function called Highlights can work.

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