Find out if your Gmail account was hacked

A few days ago a news item was published which reported that Russian hackers managed to steal data from more than five million Gmail accounts, exposing the users and passwords of affected clients. Following this terrible information theft, a group of Russian researchers has created a simple web page to quickly check if your email account has been hacked. Find out if your Gmail account was hacked just by entering the address of your email we will automatically know if our account is one of the five million emails affected.

Find out if your Gmail account was hacked

Was your Gmail account hacked? Here the solution

To check if our email is one of the hacked, we just have to log on to the website ‘’, which serves to check if the data of an account is effectively on the list of affected.

If the user does not want to enter his email on an unknown page, he can substitute some characters with symbols and the page will show the list of possible emails. The website is in Russian, but an approximate translation can be obtained through Google Translate.

When checking that our account is one of the hacked we only have to enter our email, as usual, entering our user and password, go to the configuration, access where it says account and import and click on change password it is advisable to use more Of 8 characters with (uppercase, lowercase, icons, hyphens or any symbols that we can think of to protect our password). If we want to have more security for our mail we can change our user too.

What should I do if I find that they tampered with my Gmail account?

After making all those changes we can verify that they have done with our e-mail the last days. The easiest way to find out is to enter our new password and go to the end of the page and click on the link that says Detailed information. Accessing this link will open a page and tell us the recent activities of our account.

This is where we can check when, from which location and what IP has accessed our account in the last days. In this screen, we can also click on the button “Close all other sessions”, which will ensure that there is no suspicious access to our account. With all this procedure you can find out if your Gmail account was hacked, just follow the instructions in this post.

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