Customize your Gmail inbox

Gmail inbox Customize

As we know Gmail is the email service that has a very different interface to others. Currently, it has a minimalist and light interface where you can visualize your incoming messages with greater clarity. Will there be a way to customize your Gmail inbox? If you want to do this you must follow these steps. …

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Create Gmail account in seconds

Create Gmail account in seconds

Gmail in its early present various problems because it was a new service that sought to compete with other email services that existed at the time. Gmail over time matured and I think a different email to others. Gmail is original in question design, interface and functionality because there were things you could do in …

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How to recover Gmail account

recover Gmail

There are several reasons why many people have passed the old Hotmail using Gmail accounts, other than mail, gives you access to use a lot of tools Google and networks as well as to create a free blog and use excellent tools for webmaster of Google, for that reason, when losing an account, not being …

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Login gmail android

gmail login

Hotmail is the email service that became one of the best when it appeared, but over time Google set out to create their own email service but was not successful because it had some flaws. But with the passage of time through good management and strategy, Gmail service was gaining ground in people seeking something …

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Gmail login

Gmail login

Gmail login, if you want to create an account for Gmail or Google Mail (the name given in other specific countries). To begin, we must enter this address  At the top of Google services will appear, here you must select the one that says “Gmail” if you can not locate can also enter …

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How to change Gmail password

Many times in our store or receive email important documents, is why our content security password change our Gmail account, we only make small changes in our Gmail settings panel. You must first log into Gmail (entering your email and password). To change Gmail password you must follow these steps: To start this action must …

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Log into Gmail

Gmail is the email service where you can send files, documents, images and more safely. Gmail protects your information as a treasure, if you want to have more direct communication with your contacts you can make through Gmail chat. This and much more you can do in Gmail, to login you must enter this …

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