Google Photos now allows you to group faces of photography in Europe

Google Photos Google’s application specializing in images today has launched “face grouping”. This function favors us a lot when we want to automatically organize our photos, how to use this service in facial recognition. Google Photos now allows you to group faces of photography in Europe a surprise that many users will appreciate.

“Google Photos allows us to sort our photos according to the type of face.”

Google Photos already allows you to organize the photographs

This option to group faces from Google Photos photos is enabled for both web and mobile version. To activate it, you just have to look for the option “Grouping faces” and swipe until it shows that it is activated. This recent option announced by Google Photos will favor many users mainly Europeans.

When you have activated this option, Google Photos will automatically group the faces of the photographs we have on our computer or mobile device. All these data are grouped in an orderly manner in the section that says “People”. It is advisable to identify and rename faces to have everything more orderly.

Sometimes the application will ask you: Is it the same person or different? In order to improve the accuracy and results of Google Photos. This whole process is simple and does not take much time, also as additional data we can combine groups of faces by labeling it.

This function helps us a lot when we want to organize or locate photographs where a certain person is located, be it a friend or family member. In this way, we will forget the manual search of the photographs. Google Photos now allows you to group faces of the photo to organize our photos.

This photo organization option already has time in the market, best of all, it is already being extended to other platforms. Google Photos is the application that seeks to adapt to this new measure that will benefit many users worldwide and Europeans.

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