Google removes malicious apps from the Play Store

Google is always at the forefront of its users, taking care that they do not fall into cheats or fraud through the Apps, this time they have discovered 29 fake applications of the field of photos. The digital security company Trend Micro is responsible for monitoring false or misleading applications, this time exposed the existence of photo retouching application that was called “beauty camera”.

“Applications with bad intentions have the hours counted by Google”

Google removes malicious apps

These applications contained a collection of malware that showed ads on the entire screen in an exaggerated way, these were shown at every moment each time the user unlocked the phone with links, these links took you to scams or adult content. Google removes malicious apps from the Play Store permanently.

These mentioned apps were very suspicious because the ads that showed in them were a scam. These ads asked you for money in exchange for videos for adults and others used the phishing technique where they asked you for personal information to steal your data or simply cheat you that you have won an alleged prize.

The most alarming thing is that you could steal the images from your gallery because when you tried to embellish your picture with this application, it was uploaded to a private server. The funny thing is that you do not receive your photo in exchange for that the app asked you to update the app. This is very worrying because those photographs taken can be used for a malicious purpose, such as creating false Facebook accounts, identity theft, etc.

The 29 apps involved were well programmed because the pop-ups were natural and confused to the user that these windows were part of the application. Also when you were looking to uninstall the application, these did not appear in the list of apps installed on our phone. These malicious apps were downloaded four million times, hopefully, it has been recorded the damage suffered by the victims. Google removes malicious apps from the Play Store.

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