How do I sign out of Gmail

When we create a new account, it can be Gmail or any other web portal. We have little experience in the tools that we offer, as in the modifications or customizations that we can perform and the most common we do not know how to close the session. In the following article, we will see How do I sign out of Gmail, since it is very essential that we must know to protect both our account and the information we keep in it.

sign out of Gmail

How to sign out in Gmail from your computer:

  1. Log in obviously.
  2. Click on the icon where your photo is located, if you have one (top right).
  3. There will be several options but we will only click where it says “Logout”.

sign out gmail

Note: This same process can be done on any computer, How do I sign out of Gmail takes into account the indications of this article.

Steps to log out of Gmail from your mobile:

  1. Log in to Gmail.
  2. Go to menu.
  3. If you have more than one Gmail account, just select the account you want to close and give the option to “log out”.
  4. In case you do not have another account on your mobile you have to delete it completely, but quiet it will only be deleted on your cell phone.

gmail sign out

It is very important and essential that you know all this information from How do I sign out of Gmail. If the session is not closed, anyone who enters Gmail will have full and absolute access to your account, as it is the last session activated in the system.


  • When going to a cyber café make sure to log out of your account in Gmail.
  • Do not accept the option to save the password, because your password will be stored in the system, with full access by anyone who owns your user.
  • Do not give your password to anyone, it is personal.

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