How is Pinterest used in the world?

Pinterest has ceased to be a social network and has managed to differentiate itself from others because its strong point is the inspiring and creative images. It is also a source where you can find recipes for cooking, the inspiration for home, lifestyle and much more. How is Pinterest used in the world? Here we will give you all the data of how this social network has been evolving and acquiring more and more users.

Pinterest is our inspiration

Pinterest is growing more and more

The tool has grown considerably since its inception in 2010, having already exceeded 250 million registered users worldwide. This raises a question: How do Pinners (users who register) use Pinterest?

What we can salvage that Pinterest is not considered a social network as such because it is a space where you will find images of all kinds and inspiration for many people. The funny thing that Pinterest a year ago removed the characteristic “I like” button that many social networks currently use.

What is the use of Pinterest people?

Pinterest is a space where people look for inspiration, discover ideas to apply it in their day today. Many companies are already betting on this service because they know that it has a lot of potentials. According to reports from the company itself, more than 72% of users have been able to see companies and brands thanks to Pinterest. There are currently more than one million companies registered worldwide.

Pinterest has enhanced the impact of the images it has on people, as a curious fact is that the vast majority of its users are women, male users are increasing this last year have risen by 50%.

Pinterest is a great portal of images more important so you have to take advantage and use it to promote our innovative products and be part of its success. More than 200 million assets per month and 75% increase. Who would say that images can move many people? How is Pinterest used in the world? You already know what to do do not waste time and boost your images with this tool.

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