How to access my social networks in Outlook

Social networks are part of our daily lives, as well as being very useful, since very few know how to access my social networks in Outlook and therefore it becomes a necessity for anyone, because it allows us to be in contact with all Our friends, relatives, acquaintances, above all is a perfect tool to have communication and better organization in our work.

How to access my social networks in Outlook

Knowing how to use Microsoft Outlook email is of paramount importance for millions of users, as this software is one of the most recognized worldwide. In it, we can organize ourselves with social, personal and labor information. Within Outlook, we can update both our states and the activities of our contacts. Another tool that Outlook offers us is to synchronize with other social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, among others.

Login to my social networks in Outlook How do I do it?

  1. When you open an email in Outlook, there is a link called Outlook Social Connector that is minimized as a single line at the bottom of the Reading Pane.
  2. Click View.
  3. Go to the people panel.
  4. Account Settings.
  5. Activate the icons that are next to the social network accounts that you want to link and add the appropriate information such as (usernames and passwords.)
  6. Click on Connect.
  7. Finish.

This application that has Microsoft Outlook is the best that this company has offered to all its users, allowing us to be more synchronized with the rest of the social networks, thus we are more communicated with our relatives, friends, and employees. We can use this tool both from our personal computer and from our cell phone or mobile electronic equipment.

Something very important we cannot forget is that in order to use this tool we have to have an internet connection or any wireless connection “WI-FI”. How to access my social networks in Outlook, just follow the steps mentioned above and you’re done. Outlook will also keep you connected to your friends.

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