How to Change Outlook Appearance

Outlook is a service that allows you to send messages, documents and all kinds of files in a simple and practical way. At the moment in the society in which we live it is vital that all the people have an electronic mail in which they can receive any type of information. If you do not already have an Outlook account we recommend you visit this link.

Change Outlook Appearance

Change Outlook inbox layout

The Outlook Inbox shows a minimalist and simple appearance, which is why it has a very easy to use interface. If you have problems with How to Change Outlook Appearance, you only have to log in to then you access your account and you must follow these steps that we will indicate at this time.

When your Outlook inbox is loaded you must click on the icon in the form of “gear” that is in the upper right. A series of options will be displayed here, you just have to click on “Change theme”, in the moment they will display various designs, textures, and colors to customize your inbox.

Now just select your favorite theme or that is to your liking, clicking on each design will show you a preview of it. When you are decided just click on the design you like and click “OK” to save changes, you can make changes as many times as you want in the future. How to Change Outlook Appearance.

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