How to convert an Instagram account to private

This option is not a surprise because it has already existed but there are some people who still do not know how it works. Having a private Instagram account does not allow any user to see our content either photos or videos without our permission. We as owners of the private account must authorize them to see our content.

“Protect your Instagram account by putting it on private”

Instagram account private

When we create an Instagram account by default it is created publicly, but here in OpenFreeAccount we will teach you how to protect yourself from those users who only seek to sniff your content and harass you. How to convert an Instagram account to private, enter your account and start doing the procedure.

First, you must locate yourself in your Instagram account where the feed of our publications is displayed, here you must click on the option of “the three lines” and after that, in the lower part you must click on the configuration icon in the form of “gear”.

Many options will appear, because here we must slide to place ourselves in the final part of the Privacy and Security section, here we select the first option that is “Privacy of the account”.

We almost finished to achieve How to convert an Instagram account to private, and in this section, we will see a switch disabled by default. To make our account private, we must activate this option and that’s it. Your current followers will be able to see your content without problems, in case those who want to follow you in the future need your approval so they can see your content.

If in the future you want to revert this process you can do it simply you must go back to carry out this process and deactivate the switch so that your account becomes public. Instagram will ask for a confirmation for that change and will tell you that your account will be seen by other users.

How to convert an Instagram account to private this option allows us to take care of our content and not allow anyone to spy on us. Do you know that the content that you upload to Instagram can be done on Facebook simultaneously? Now, this is possible just check this post maybe I can help you.

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