How to delete Gmail account

Many users after a time of having a Gmail account, no longer want to use it more because they opened a Gmail Account or simply do not want to use the tool anymore. But we do not know what How to delete Gmail account, then we will tell you what to do:

delete Gmail account

How to delete Gmail Account steps to follow:

  1. Sign in to your account preferences page at
  2. Click Remove Products. You may have to log in to your Gmail account again in order to continue the removal process.
  3. Next, to Gmail, click “Delete”.
  4. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and choose to delete Gmail.

After performing all these steps your Gmail account will be deleted. If you want to verify that your account is no longer available, you can enter your username and password, and try to log in to Gmail if you can not log in, you are confirming that your Gmail account has already been deleted.

What happens when you delete your Gmail address

  • Neither you nor anyone else will be able to use the removed Gmail address in the future.
  • All the emails that were in the Gmail Account are deleted.
  • Your Google Account is not deleted.
  • You will not receive any further notifications regarding your Gmail Account.
  • Once you delete the Gmail account you will not be able to retrieve it.


At the moment you want to delete your account Gmail verifies very well if there is any mail or information that you want to keep since as mentioned before all the information that is in the account is automatically deleted and you can not retrieve it. Or you can create a folder where you can save all your emails, as a backup, so you can decide How to delete Gmail account.

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