How to disable Facebook chat Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a fast messaging service for mobile devices used before this service we only could the APKde Facebook, but after the emergence of WhatsApp, Twitter and Line. Facebook decided to launch this service to its users to communicate in a way different from the others. The communication process of Facebook Messenger is made by floating bubbles that appear on your mobile phone. In this way, we chat without the need to close another application you have open. But not always going to be chatting so today we’ll show you How to disable Facebook chat Messenger.

How to disable Facebook chat Messenger

First, you must have the application of Facebook Messenger on your mobile phone you can download (here) installed. You must open the application click on the fourth option where you can see all your contacts, now select where “Active” he says. From this, you can view that contacts have active, good to turn off the chat just have to move the blue option and set it to “Off”.

This way your other contacts you may not see you online, but if you can receive messages, so no one will interrupt when you are doing some work. Facebook Messenger does not distract you turn off the chat and get on with your daily activities.

We recommend watching this video, maybe I can help.

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