How to get the verification of an Instagram account

Instagram is the social network that par excellence many young people have migrated thanks to its simplicity and comfort. Getting a verified Instagram account can be very rewarding for a personal brand, plus it shows authenticity and is the same person who manages the account. A verified Instagram account undoubtedly gives us more confidence and security to other users.

 verification Instagram account

How to get the verification of an Instagram account, this process has become very complicated and difficult to achieve. In these weeks this option was enabled all over the world, now we are all capable of requesting verification, but what is complicated is to be approved and what parameters we must follow to achieve it.

How do I get my Instagram account verified?

To start the first thing you have to do is enter your Instagram account and select the icon in the form of “gear” that is the upper right corner. In that same option, you must click on the option “Request Verification”.

The data that you request is the following: username, full name, personal or business identity document. Now we just have to wait for our information to be analyzed and we will be sent an email if we are qualified to be verified.
In case you are denied verification of your Instagram account, you must wait 30 days to try again. What criteria does Instagram take into account to verify an account?

Important information to verify your Instagram account?

According to the Instagram company, the following criteria are taken into account when verifying an account, such as authenticity, singularity, completeness, and relevance. Above all, you must comply with the terms and guidelines of the community.

In more detail we will mention it in the following way:

  • Authenticity: Must represent a real person or a registered business.
  • Singularity: The unique watch account with its own content
  • Completeness: The account must be public, must have a biography and not contain links that direct to other social networks.
  • Relevance: The account must represent someone or something and be very sought after by users and be known.

How to get the verification of an Instagram account these would be the most relevant points to take into account if we want to achieve it.

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