How to have more reach in your Instagram Stories

The Stories is a very useful feature used by companies and influencers to share parts of their lives as well as to promote a product. Just enough to be an Instagram user to realize the great impact it has, leaving traditional publications in the background. Here on this website, we will show you how to have more reach in your Instagram Stories.

more reach in your Instagram Stories

Better quality than quantity in the Stories

Many times as users we have passed with a lot of speed the Stories of other people because they show things that are not of our interest, so it is important that you do not saturate your audience. Use it with restraint so that your followers do not end up bored.

Another important factor when uploading a Stories is the algorithms that Instagram manages at the time of positioning in the Feed: An example is that account that does not upload many Stories and ends up following other people. The other makes mention of those users who upload too many Stories without relevance, thus losing positions in the ranking.

How to have more reach in your Instagram Stories, one of the keys to this is to upload more than 4 – 6 Stories a day. This helps us with respect to the Instagram algorithm and in the same way by not saturating our followers.

Use of Hashtags, locations, and Livestream

Currently, Instagram allows to follow hashtags and if we make publications adding them, they will undoubtedly appear in searches. If you want to further improve your notoriety on Instagram you can add a location. The Livestream is much better compared to the aforementioned because the default algorithm is to position it in the first place and its bubble is different from the others giving it more notoriety.

I hope this article of how to have more reach in your Instagram Stories has served you, use your Instagram account correctly and take advantage of it. If you want to block the Instagram Stories of a user without stopping to follow here we can also show you.

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