How to log on to Facebook

This article Facebook’ll show you how to log on to Facebook in the right way, you should be aware of the steps that will take place at this moment. The first thing you have to do is enter this direction, then once the page has loaded must enter your email and password at the top right. To enter only you click on “Log in” this is how sign into Facebook.

How to log on to Facebook

Currently there are many ways to enter Facebook, so you can do by entering your username or phone number if you have it linked to your Facebook account. Similarly ways to enter your password and you press the button “Log in”, thus also sign into Facebook.

sign into Facebook

Protect your account when you sign into Facebook with these recommendations:

  • Keep your password secret and not mention it to anyone, because they can use your account for your benefit and hurt you personally.
  • When you sign into Facebook in a cyber cafe, you should not store your password on the computer because other people access it.
  • Enable the option to notify you whenever your Facebook account sign either by computer or mobile device. This way you’ll know what part of the world you try to enter.

Facebook is the medium where we all look fun. Log into Facebook and start to experience this new way of communicating. How to log on to Facebook, I hope this article has been helpful. Recommend it to others, and continues to enjoy the best social network of the moment.

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