How to organize our Outlook Inbox

Some users are very organized people with a very limited time, so for them, it is a necessity to have the trays of your emails as organized as possible. But they do not know how to put that order, so Outlook helps us save that valuable time. By allowing us to take actions in several conversations simultaneously, instead of having to attend each message individually is already a great help, that’s why we teach you How to organize our Outlook Inbox.

organize our Outlook Inbox

How to sort my Outlook inbox

  1. Use folders to reduce clutter.
  2. Use the commands or tricks that your Outlook account has.
  3. Show messages that are in other folders.
  4. Switch between layouts by date (conversations)
  5. Identify files with multiple messages.
  6. Identify conversations with multiple branches (different types of files)
  7. Select, expand and contract conversations.
  8. Create a map of the conversation.
  9. Use the Clean command to delete redundant messages (in a conversation or in a folder)
  10. Apply rules about messages that the Clean command should suppress.
  11. Use Ignore to delete all messages from undesirable conversations, including messages that you can send in the future.
  12. Move, copy, delete, mark or sort all conversations.

Other things we can use:

  • Create messages and respond to them more effectively.
  • Know at a glance who responded, to whom and when.
  • Always reply to the most recent message in a conversation.
  • Choose the folder classification that works best for each task in question.
  • Act in complete conversations at the same time.

All of these recommendations can help you to be more organized with your Outlook account. But it’s up to you to organize yourself and take the time to sort and identify what kind of conversations or topics of interest you want to have in your email. How to organize our Outlook Inbox?, is the question that many of us ask ourselves to follow these steps and you will get it.

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