How to use a custom domain account in Gmail

Everyone in the world likes to be original, so even our social networks want to have that personal touch, which sets us apart from others. But there are certain details that when we are new to a social network we do not know at all how to handle them and less than how to customize to our liking. Gmail is one of the free applications that we have that option to personalize and we will help you to How to use a custom domain account in Gmail.

use a custom domain account in Gmail

How to use your Gmail account with custom domain:

  1. After creating your Gmail Account or if you already have it, log in.
  2. You should go to the configuration icon.
  3. Click where it says “General”.
  4. We will configure our account by adding (personal image, create a personal signature for our emails, among other things).
  5. Save changes.

Gmail also gives us the option to make other customizations in the account like (tags, if you want to check your emails from another Gmail account, what types of categories you want in your inbox or if you want to design your account for your work).

Advantages of managing domain mail accounts in Gmail.

  • You can have a photo of yourself or your company.
  • We can configure up to 5 email accounts in one or more domains in Gmail.
  • You can block unwanted e-mail addresses.
  • It is possible to send and receive accounts emails from the configured domains from Gmail.
  • From any computer such as browsing, sending or receiving emails.
  • Serves as a warehouse and postal history.
  • It has a mail sorting system.
  • Design our Gmail account for our work (companies, educational institutions, etc.)

The accounts in Gmail are composed of many tools that facilitate our work to the other to spread information, maintaining the personality that characterizes each human being. How to use custom domain account in Gmail is the topic that we will try now, follow the steps and do not stay behind.

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