How to use Facebook live

Facebook Live is the new feature of Facebook that is having good acceptance by people, because you can make a live broadcast to your friends or followers. This feature is new so this time teach you what steps must take into account to use Facebook live. How to use Facebook live, you must be attentive to this article because here we will teach you how to make a live broadcast.


Tips to use Facebook correctly Live

To make the most of this feature you must first know this, when you start to live a transition Facebook live by clicking on “Transmit”, the first image captured will be taken as your thumbnail (thumbnail). Do not worry because this can be changed later.

When you start doing the transmission image horizontally vertically continue for a few seconds then change its position. Within the audio and video quality, you must use a headset with microphone to prevent outside noise. When you transmit live Facebook live you must use Wi Fi Airplane mode to avoid calls and alarms.

If you run out signal transmission cuts not just wait a few seconds until the transmission is resumed by itself. Facebook live allows you to have more direct contact with friends and followers on Facebook. When you finish the transmission, it is saved as a video, here you will notice that the second you had no signal will not appear in the video.

How to use Facebook live

How to use Facebook live, consider these tips for a better experience on your live broadcast. Share unique moments with your followers.

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