How to use Gmail

Gmail is a free operating system provided by the company Google, this tool is very valuable because it allows us to send any kind of information (images, photos, videos or documents) through emails, to any part of the world. Something very important to access Gmail and know How to use Gmail we need to have an internet connection.

How to use Gmail

How to use Gmail correctly:

  • Log in to Gmail: in order to log in, we only have to enter our email address and password and give in start section. When starting section we can use all the tools that the application offers us.
  • Read the messages received: in the inbox is that we can observe all the emails we have received, we just have to click on the email that we want to read or view and ready. To which we must emphasize is the function of the icons we have one as a kind of deformed rectangle, by clicking on it we convert the email into the category IMPORTANT, The following icon is a star means HIGHLIGHTED. The icon to the left is a square is used to mark the email in question and apply a series of options that come in the top bar. They are varied options like archive, delete, mark as hidden, etc.
  • Send emails: in order to send an email, we must click on the link that says WRITE. When clicking on the link will appear a small page where we will enter, To: the email address where we want to send the information, noted: we will name you to want to have our information, the blank area that we have below is Where we will write “the information or content to share”. Subsequently, we just have to click the option that tells us to send and ready.

These are some of the basic tools most used in the email, that every user must know in order to know How to use Gmail.

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