How WhatsApp Business works

WhatsApp is the most popular rapid messaging medium that exists because many people both young and adults use it. Well, it is very light, practical and versatile to use as you can interact with messages or voice messages. WhatsApp Business was created for small businesses and is currently available only for Android. Surely you’ll ask How WhatsApp Business works.

“WhatsApp Business currently available for Android”

 WhatsApp Business free

WhatsApp Business is a free application (maybe in the future releases functionalities that are paid) that you can download only by searching the Play Store. Once you have downloaded it, you will only have to enter the number where your future clients will contact you. If you have used WhatsApp you can enter the same number and your pending conversations will be kept, but it is necessary to uninstall the application.

Keep in mind that you can not use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business at the same time with the same number because it will generate conflict. If you want to use the two applications independently, you have to do it with a different number. If you do not want to have this type of inconvenience it is advisable to put a fixed telephone number and simply confirm it.

How WhatsApp Business works, the novelty of this application compared to the basic application is that it allows you to add information regarding your business such as the name of your business, website, location, phone, time of attention, email, write a brief description of your business. You can find these options in the main menu, settings, company settings, edit company profile.

WhatsApp Business is an application that is free, we better take advantage of this before it becomes paid in the future. Many people in the world prefer to communicate by WhatsApp because it is much more convenient and practical, fill all the information that is necessary for your customers to know more about your business.

For larger companies, the WhatsApp Business application has its API enabled, ideal for the use of personalized chatbots or to implement it on their websites for a faster interaction for your clients.

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