IGTV allows vertical videos of up to one hour on Instagram

Well, it seems that everything points to Instagram also wants to venture into the long-duration videos, because everything started as a rumor and is now real. The curious thing about this service is that the videos will be shown vertically and we can create our own channel on IGTV and upload our own videos. IGTV allows vertical videos of up to one hour on Instagram here we will give you more details about it.

IGTV apk

IGTV was presented in San Francisco at a very important event and an arrival of 1 billion active users was also announced. Will IGTV seek to compete with the giant that is YouTube? Many Instagram users see this as an opportunity to publish their content, so if you have a lot of followers it’s your chance to entertain them and have fun.

How does IGTV work?

IGTV will have a separate application for both Android and iOS, but do not worry it will also be integrated into the Instagram application. Now you can enjoy IGTV content just click on the icon in the form of “TV” and you’re done. Start enjoying and creating videos of up to 60 minutes.

The advantages of this service for content creators is that they can show their videos that are in their profile or show them prominently as if they were a History.

Beware of this because IGTV will allow the creation of specific channels (something similar to YouTube) with which it is sought that many users and companies join this new alternative, to communicate or transmit something directly.

Options that IGTV has

Within the IGTV application (by the way, you can download it from the application store) we can find the following tabs.

  • For you: Here you will be shown videos according to the tastes and preferences of the users.
  • People you follow: They will show videos basically of the people that you follow on the platform.
  • Popular: IGTV will show the videos that are trending.
  • Keep Watching: These are videos that were pending and you can resume it if you wish.

IGTV has a search engine where you can find something specific.

Monetization in IGTV videos

This is an attractive option for influencers because you can get a monetary benefit if they upload content in IGTV. The company anticipated an agreement with recognized figures with many followers on Instagram such as Kim Kardashian, Lele Pons, Selena Gomez, Kevin Hart, Chris Hemsworth, to grow the application with their own content.

In truth, YouTube has the option to monetize videos, however, the change of its privacy policies has upset many Youtuber around the world. This would cause many of them to move to this platform and start over, the potential of this is that you can add links to your website, social networks, recommend other followers and sell directly.

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