Import contacts into email

When we have several email accounts and we need to have both the same contacts. But we want to avoid transcribing and adding all these contacts again; The best we can do is import the contacts to the desired email. Import contacts into email, a very important feature when we want to have the same contacts in multiple Outlook accounts.

Import contacts into email

Steps to Import contacts to email

  1. Export the contact list to a csv file: it is a very common file type that every email program often has to store the contacts in a file.
  2. If you are exporting contacts from another email system, you need to export them as a csv file. The company that provides the email service will give us instructions on how to do it. For example, if you have a Gmail email account, you’ll find instructions on the Gmail website to export contacts from your Gmail account to a .csv file.
  3. If you want to send a contact list from Excel, you have to use Excel to open the file, give Save as a .csv file type. Then Excel will ask you “are you sure” and choose Yes.
  4. For Import contacts into email You have to do the following on the website, which is similar to this:
    • Sign in to
    • We will go new elements.
    • More elements.
    • Outlook data file.
    • Choose the People Application link to go to your contacts.
    Add the people you want to your contact list.
    • Select Start Import.
    • Then we will add the mail to where we want to import the contacts.
    • We will examine the csv file and finish importing the contacts.

We can Import contacts into email from any email system, just follow the steps to choose all necessary contacts and import them into the desired email account.

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