Increase sales on YouTube in 7 steps

YouTube the biggest video portal in the world How can we use the media to our advantage and generate more sales? There are key steps that we must follow to get potential customers, as well as that of the YouTube channel, go to the e-commerce page. Increase sales on YouTube in 7 steps attentive and apply it in your next projects.

“YouTube is an opportunity to bring traffic to your website”


It is important to know that it is not enough to create a channel on YouTube, it is necessary to have planned and upload video constantly to better achieve our objectives. The videos that we upload on the platform must be quality and dynamics to capture the attention of our audience. We must also invest time and money to create or promote our YouTube content.

To create quality videos on YouTube is not an easy task, here we will give you tips so that you can apply it and streamline the work. A good strategy on YouTube will be able to generate traffic to your website.

-Create short videos: It is true that there is a trend for extensive videos but in our case, we want to make an impact and we only need short videos. With two minutes would be enough but we must call attention in the first few seconds for the user to finish watching the video.

– Channel Esthetics: The name of your channel must be the same as your website. This must be shown on the cover, also the colors that you apply in your thumbnail images must be the same that you use so that everything has a match. This will generate confidence in your clients and they will see some professionalism. Change the channel URL by entering the name of the store.

-Good home page: Our YouTube channel must have a very careful and organized home. It is therefore important to have a welcome video and order the videos in sections to facilitate the user to find an easier video. No doubt that with all this your visitors will be encouraged to subscribe.

– Be constant: You have to be aware when opening a channel because you must upload video progressively with argument and with a contribution of value to retain your users and are eager to receive more information.

-The positioning of the video: We make the most of all the spaces that the platform offers us: title, description, labels, keyword, and others. We add this with a good thumbnail to achieve better results in YouTube searches.

-Apply analysis and planning: Check the statistics of your channel and apply the things in your favor. Point in the videos that have more relevance for your audience, you can also check the time and date when it is more favorable to upload a video. The volume of comments is also a favorable indicator for uploading established videos.

-Diffusion of the video: Share your video to other channels and use other social networks showing only a “teaser” to generate more attention. Upload your videos to your web page and blog to maximize its use and increase visualization.

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