Instagram allows you to put several fonts in the Stories

Instagram a very warm and minimalist social network where you can upload your photo in a square format and upload Stories that will be shown only 24 hours a day. What makes this social network entertaining is that it improves your photos with their filters and uses their options to improve your image completely.

instagram add new text styles

This social network thinking about people who like Instagram allows you to put several fonts in the Stories. This can help us as there are some days that we can not update our Instagram Stories but now we have the ability to upload text and more dynamically so that our friends can see it.

It is important to mention that this option is occurring progressively so it is likely that some accounts do not have this option, so we recommend updating the Instagram application. So far you can access these five types of letters such as modern, classic, typewriter and neon.

It is true that before I could paint a background on purpose on a photograph, but with this addition now opens a range of background colors so you can choose. Instagram allows you to put several fonts in the Stories in this way becomes more dynamic and we can express ourselves more. It is also important that these new texts can be applied to your photographs.

Possible update in the future of Instagram would be the arrival of video calls but there are only rumors about it. Instagram with the passage of time has added many options such as adding GIF, place sticker and more. If this is achieved, it would be a revolution for the application that was only dedicated to the image and video.

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