Instagram implements filter to stop insults in the direct

Cyberbullying is something that never ends, it is true that social networks are a useful means to communicate with others, however, sometimes they are used incorrectly. Many users take advantage of this freedom to express themselves to offend others. Currently, filters have been implemented in case of insults on Facebook and it seems that this will also apply to Instagram.

Instagram prohibits Bullying in the direct

The new head of the platform Adam Mosseri after the death of its founders is committed to combating bullying on Instagram and promote kindness. It is true that we can currently report this type of cases from the social network, however, this issue is much more complicated than it seems, that is why tools have been incorporated to stop this. Instagram implements a filter to stop insults in the direct, enhancing the “kindness” among users.

These new tools have different functionalities in specific, the first is designed for harassment in photos, this will have the ability to detect suspicious situations. Instagram for this will use machine learning to scan the photos and offensive text that may have to be analyzed later and check whether there is bullying or not.

Instagram implements a filter to stop insults in the direct, this has been a positive advance because until now this has been implemented only in comments in publications. We know that audiovisual streaming is very popular that is why it is taking the appropriate prevention measures.

Mosseri very apart from implementing the measures to filter insults live on Instagram, is also promoting a lot of “kindness” and for this has included an exclusive camera effect also called with the same name. This has been promoted by Maddle Ziegler, a dancer who made famous making videos of Sia. To obtain this effect you must follow it and it will be activated automatically, another way is to do it manually entering Story and click on the “add” button.

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