Instagram Live Streaming for Everyone

Finally, the live broadcasts of Instagram are here, as it seems that this social network does not want to be left behind and wants to live up to the big ones like Facebook with its Facebook Live function. Both services are very similar only in this case the transmission cannot be saved and the direct messages will be more ephemeral. Instagram Live Streaming for Everyone, it was time for this feature to be active. In moments we will show you how to make these transmissions live.

Instagram Live Streaming for Everyone

How to broadcast live on Instagram?

All this process is very simple just open the Instagram application and follow these steps:

  • You must locate in the upper right and click where it says “Your story”
  • Activate the camera of your phone, here you must select the option that says “live” then click on “Start live video”
  • It will take a while to check the connection and you are ready to broadcast live on Instagram.

Within the transmission, you can view the number of viewers and you can interact with them in real time. Viewers can send your comments on the stream, but the funny thing about this service is that the transmission is self-destructed and not stored as is the case of Facebook Live. Instagram Live Streaming for Everyone now we are left to enjoy is a great tool and please our followers and friends.

Ephemeral messages on Instagram

Basically refers to those messages that are deleted automatically in order to take care of the privacy of the user. This will apply to private and group messages on Instagram. This method comes using Snapchat or Telegram hopefully have a good acceptance from the users of Instagram.

Instagram Live Streaming

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