Instagram announces Nametags, funniest QR codes

Many social networks have given their users the famous QR code in order that users add to each other more easily for both Facebook Messenger, Snapchat LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. These codes many of the users use in their personal cards, web pages, and more formats. We must recognize that QR codes were not very popular and very few people used it. It is true that you could do certain tasks quickly but that was not enough to make an impact on people.

Instagram announces Nametags

Instagram announces Nametags, funniest QR codes the social network is responsible for renewing these codes and to be used more frequently by its users. Instagram has posted a video showing its features and how to use it. Many will think that it is a copy of Snapchat because the function is the same to scan the “code” to get more followers.

The Nametags are much more fun than the QR code because it is fully customizable and you can adapt it to your needs. This new service will allow us to follow new users without having to write your username. Create your own Nametags and make it unique. Change background, add emojis or sticker, a selfie is also a good option to customize your Nametags.

You can share your Nametags to other platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook instant messaging applications so that you can have more followers of these media.

How do I create my Nametag on Instagram

In order to use this new option, you must enter your Instagram account, go to the “configuration” section, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right, look for the “Nametag” option, from here you can download, customize and share it to the different social networks. If you do not find it, do not worry it may not be available for everyone yet, but we recommend you update Instagram and find it again. Instagram announces Nametags, funniest QR codes hopefully, this new option will be successful and will remain in the social network for a long time.

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