Instagram notifies you when you take a direct chat capture

Instagram is the social network that has earned a place in the internet world because it will soon turn 9 years old. But we must take into account that the social network has undergone many changes and showing its users new developments and tricks to improve the service. Instagram notifies you when you take a direct chat capture is the topic we will take and see how this benefits us in the user experience.

“Instagram takes care of its users, notifying when there are screenshots or videos in the chat”

Instagram notifies you when you take a direct chat capture

One of the most relevant updates of the social network is the direct messages section and also the one mentioned in the screenshot in the chat. It is true every time you share images through the chat, the user has the possibility to take screenshots to save it internally on the phone, however, they put to work to this situation.

From now on Instagram will take the trouble to notify the user when the other person takes a snapshot of photos you will send live, or vice versa. This way both people will always be informed every time someone captures the conversation. This notification will be expressed in two different ways:

The first one will be displayed from the notification bar, this message will appear “The user has made a screenshot of the photo you have sent”. The second notification appears from the same chat with the user, an icon will be displayed and it will be mentioned that a screenshot was made.

It is important to know that this option does not work in all cases within the chat, as it is exclusively when photos or videos are shared within the chat (gallery files and photographs taken from the internal Instagram camera), this does not take into account the messages exchanged in Instagram chat.

Instagram notifies chat capture

But if this option does not meet your expectations and you still want to capture if the other person finds out, you can use many other applications to capture photos, video or screen recording. These applications are free and you can buy them on Google Play, do not worry these applications will not be detected by Instagram. For these reasons, the Instagram service has a lot to improve this situation of screenshots.

It seems that good news is coming because the people in charge of launching the Instagram service will be working on new updates of the app. At the moment we can only wait for new news about this social network. Instagram notifies you when you take a direct chat capture, an option that will continue to be maintained until you reach your goal.

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