Instagram will add music to the Stories

The Intragam Stories in the medium that allows us to show part of our lives to our followers in real time for example what movie we are watching or what music we are listening to. Currently, there are ways to add music to our Stories but externally with respect to the application. In this publication of Instagram will add music to the Stories we will show you the indications that this new tool is about to arrive.

Instagram add music Stories

Music on our Instagram Stories soon

So far since the application was launched into the world, a way to add high-quality sounds has not been integrated, only external speaker sound was used. The Instagram company is working to add a soundtrack for publishing in the future.
This possibility has been discovered in the application code where we can think that it can be implemented in the future. The code discovered that this option will be called “music stickers” since everything indicates that it will be possible to search directly from the Instagram application as fans see the Stories.

The music that possibly adds Instagram are divided into channels with different names, so far has been discovered these denominations “gender”, “mood” and “popular.” What is not yet known how they will be implemented in the social network and how we can reproduce it.

When you can add music on Instagram

Well, so far there is no exact launch date since we do not have specific information but they will have to see the licenses to use the music. But what is certain is that all anger in the same line as the parent company that is Facebook, since it may possibly take agreements with Sony or Warner Bross, discographies that have already materialized with Facebook.

Instagram will add music to the Stories, we still do not know what part of our favorite song we can add, be it the beginning or the refrain, we will already know when they officially execute this tool and the impact it will have on the users.

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