Is it possible to use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp at the same time?

WhatsApp Business is a fast messaging service just like WhatsApp Messenger, but the first one is focused more on the business side. But what if I told you that you can use these two services simultaneously? Interesting truth? Attentive to find out how to achieve it. Is it possible to use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp at the same time?

“WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business I am very similar but the difference is noticeable in the settings section”

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business has tools to answer your customers quickly, in the same way, it allows you to present yourself in a more business way and obtain statistics. This application is available for both Android and iPhone. Stay here to learn more about this application and you can promote your business management.

The process to create a WhatsApp Business account is very simple, just download the application and verify your phone number. When exploring through your contacts you can visualize with whom you can communicate by this means. To be able to use both applications at the same time it is necessary to have a double chip mobile, another alternative is to create a WhatsApp account from the mobile and the WhatsApp Business from the landline.

Already when you have registered to WhatsApp Business you can visualize that the options are almost the same because here you can visualize the stories, the chats, and other settings.

Edit WhatsApp Business Profile

Within the configuration, the section is where you will see the difference that exists from the normal version of WhatsApp, because as we mentioned before this application is focused on the business environment. In the option “Company settings” you can add relevant information about your company to your customers.

Here you can add the location using a GPS, indicate your business or activity your company is dedicated to, also add a short description, establish the opening hours and indicate additional information on how to contact you, whether it be social networks, website, etc.

Edit WhatsApp Business Profile

Automatic WhatsApp Business Answers

You can create automatic messages from the same WhatsApp Business application, without having to resort to an external application, all from the message settings of:

  • Welcome: This message is applied when a customer writes to you for the first time and becomes active again after 14 days in case they interact during that time.
  • Absence: This message will only be sent when you are not available and has a capacity of 200 words, keep in mind that this option will be activated with an internet connection.
  • Quick responses: This message can be recorded in advance with a single word, and the phrase you entered is automatically placed.

WhatsApp Business Statistics

Statistics are important in every company, but WhatsApp can only visualize the metrics regarding the messages sent, received and read by you from the moment you register for WhatsApp Business.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp at the same time? With the help of this post, you can achieve it but first, you need to download the application.

WhatsApp Business para Android / WhatsApp Business para iOS

It is true that WhatsApp Business is an application that has much to improve since it is in its early stages. But it fulfills an important role that is communication with our clients and improves our business management.

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